Music : “Want 2 Know” Presented To Yaounde Public

The single is a joint production by Keyhansom and Edi-Win Chenny.

Two Hip-hop artistes, Keyhansom and Edi-Win Chenny, both from Donga-Mantung Division, North West Region, have released a single track album, “Want 2 Know.” The song was presented for the first time to the public in Yaounde on August 23, 2019. Composed by the duo, the idea was first brought up by Keyhansom. 
Recorded in Yaounde and produced by Eddy Pro, “Want 2 Know” tells how fans are eager to know more about Keyhansom and Edi-Win Chenny, after their several years in music. “Even those who never bothered about us before now want to understand who really we are,” explained Keyhansom. 
“We have worked hard like slaves, and today, we are enjoying the recompense like kings,” said Edi-Win Chenny. For now, the two artistes are focused on promoting the audio of “Want 2 Know,” before shooting the video later. The two are members of the One Spirit Entertainment group that holds regular weekend concerts in Yaounde. 
Nfor Edwin Chenny, alias Edi-Win Chenny, began singing and performing other artistes’ songs in 2010 while in college. Nine years on, the elementary school teacher now boasts 9 singles. Born in 1994, Edi-Win Chenny blends traditional African and Western musical instruments. 
Francis Tanko, also known as Keyhansom, always loved singing right from childhood. Aged 27, the motor cycle mechanic apprentice never believed his dream will be fulfilled so soon. He has already released three songs since his career debut in 2018.



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