2020 Women's Olympic Qualifiers : Lionesses Fail To Impress

Even though they qualified for the third round of the competition, the Indomitable Lionesses were unable to give the usual performance that is known of them.

The Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon qualified for the third round of the 2020 Women’s Olympic Games qualifying tournament. They drew 0-0 with Ethiopia on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at the Yaounde Omnisports Stadium. The draw gave the Lionesses a ticket to the third round of the 2020 qualifying competition. The Lionesses qualified for the next round of the competition having scored one away goal in Ethiopia.

Even though they qualified for the third round of the competition they were just a mere shadow of themselves. The Cameroonians dominated the game with quality and good play style but the Ethiopians proved tough. The Indomitable Lionesses were able to continue with their domination in the second half but failed to produce killer chances. Despite some positive replacements made by Alain Djeumfa the Lionesses found it difficult to break through the defence wall of the Ethiopians. The Ethiopians had a fortified defence wall made up of five vigilant defenders and were able to ward off any onslaught from the Cameroonians. The performance of the Lionesses on Tuesday lives much to be desired. The Lionesses had the potentials but they lacked good finishing which is an age old problem facing the team. The technical bench will need to work on that aspect as they prepare to face the DR Congo next month.

Alain Djeumfa in a press conference after the match said what was essential was to qualify. He said the team will continue to prepare hard for the next game. He said the objective of the team is to qualify for the Olympic Games. The professional players joined the team only a few days to the game. Consequently, the players did not have enough time to play together as a team. Apart from that, local players lack play time giving the situation of the national women’s championship in the country. However, the Cameroon football governing body is working hard to improve on the situation of women’s football in the country.



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