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Make Or Mar Lapse

After a week-long spell of pre-dialogue comprehensive consultations and presentations to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Dion Ngute, Cameroonians today, September 30, 2019 enter another phase significantly eventful in the history of their country: the Major National Dialogue aimed at delving into the disturbing socio-political issues that have robbed their country of peace and communal stability needed for sustainable development. The English-speaking regions of the country have been so badly affected that the regrettable damage includes not only the loss of life and property, but also the closure of some schools and the painful effect on innocent kids, parents, and the future of our beloved country,Cameroon.President Paul Biya’s convening of the national dialogue forum portrays his concern as well as those of fellow Cameroonians to talk out the root causes of this crisis, and seek lasting solutions to the societal ills that triggered the nightmare. Besides, there has been the damaging impact of the crisis on the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), PAMOL, another agro-industrial complex, loss of jobs by family heads, and the incredible increase in the number of single mothers owing to the closure of schools. And what of the drop in the number of tourists who crave to visit the beautiful home of soccer stars like Roger Milla, Samuel Eto’o or renowned musicians like Manu Dibango, Charlotte Dipanda, Grace Decca and Francis Bebey, just to mention these few? What we have lost since 2016 is much and we could continue to lose if we do not make good use of the next four days in the 8 committees set up for this purpose. We need to demonstrate genuine patriotism by working sincerely to stall the crisis that threatens our country’s unity and progress. We do not doubt that to err is human and it is only through dialogue, tolerance and forgiveness that life deserves honour and forgiveness, that gives meaning to life on earth. It is with this spirit that those working in the eight committees set up for the task should focus their minds on the needs of their compatriots, especially those of the North West and South West Regions where the loss of life in hundreds, displacements of people in their in thousands and destruction of property, including the burning of houses, is unprecedented. No Cameroonian or well-wisher abroad wants this to continue, no matter what socio-political or economic right is being sought. Fortunately, the magic wand that could alter the trend is honesty, sincerity, objectivity and above all, love for the country in handling the issues that have been tabled. For, Without honest and patriotic consideration of the suggestions raised during the pre-dialogue consultations, it would be difficult if not impossible to come up with resolutions that would yield the smiles and celebrations we all crave for. Let us therefore prayerfully use the Major National Dialogue to make and not mar our present and future. 



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