Socio-military Actions In South West : Military Donates To Population

The villages of Bwassa, Likombe, and Mapanja on October 5, 2019 received food items from the BIR led by Lt. Colonel Nko'o Ella Francis

The Kumba-based unit of the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR) has continued their socio-military works with a trio of villages in Buea Sub- Division. After Tombel in Kupe Muanenguba Division recently the populations of Bwassa, Likombe and Mapanja villages in Buea Sub-Division of the South West Region, on 5 October, 2019, communed with the 6th unit of the BIR led by their Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Nko'o Ella Francis.

The BIR brought along to share to the population food items including bags of rice, beans, sugar, milk, fish, meat, tin tomatoes, salt, and groundnut oil.

Addressing the over 500 people who turned out from the three villages and assembled in Bwassa palace, Lieutenant Colonel Nko'o Ella said in the presence of Chief Ewume EKo John (alias Amoja Moja1) that the military had come to build trust and a more cordial relationship with the local population. He explained that they were out to protect the population and their property and never to fight or kill them intentionally as some detractors had it on the social media. "The military and the population are one and they will continue to live as one" the commander stressed.

He narrated that in the past the population used to see the military and jump into the bushes but today, they are understanding that the mission of the men in uniform was republican and purely for the interest of the nation. Lt. Colonel Nko'o announced that the decision to go visiting some villages in the area was to prove to the entire South West Region that they were out for peace and harmony. He thanked the chief of Bwassa Village for mobilizing the people to come out massively to welcome the military. On his part, Chief Ewume Eko John lauded the initiative of the Rapid Intervention Battalion sent to the South west Region under the command of LT. Colonel NKo'o Ella for the visit to their village which according to him was very timely. He promised that as soon as peace returns everything in Bwassa and the other two neighboring villages will come to normalcy. He assured the august visitors that their school doors will be open and their children will go to school without any fear or panic of any threat. “We say no to ghost town on Mondays and lockdowns as imposed by the separatist”, the chief reiterated.



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