South West : Ten Fresh Separatist Fighters Down Arms

They were received by Governor Okalia Bilai October 8, 2019 afternoon.

Ten new separatists’ combatants of the ambazonia doctrine have laid down arms in the South West Region and presented themselves to the administration. They declared to be from the Bakassi fighters camp in Ndian Division of the South West Region.
Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai received the young men  at his office in the presence of the South West Attorney General, Mbia Emmanuel, the Director of the Centre for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) in Buea, Fonju Bernard, the Regional Command staff and a host of observers and pressmen.
The ex-fighters presented themselves, one after another, as coming from their Bakassi Camp in Ndian Division. Speaking to the press, their spokesperson by name Orume Sylvester explained that “We have realized that we were being fooled in a dream that could never come true”.
Governor Okalia Bilai expressed congratulations to the young men and said the administration would protect their safety. The Governor urged them to convince their mates to come out of the bushes, join the centres and be assisted to plan a better future for themselves. The Governor praised them for heeding to the call for peace by the Head of State.
The Director of the DDR Centre in Buea explained to the Governor that the men came in a few days ago through Idenau (West Coast) near Limbe and had been duly identified by the Gendarmerie before being brought to their Buea Centre.



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