Limbe AFCON Village: An Entertainment Arena

The four corners of Cameroon are mirrored with fans finding their fill of relaxation.


The Limbe Community field harbouring the various stands of the AFCON village is growing hectic by the day. Created in June this year by the Minister for Sports and Physical Education, the AFCON Village at the centre of Limbe City was crafted for two types of tents, the very big ones and the smaller ones. There are over 30 stands. The need to expose more of Cameroon has increased the stands to many more. The AFCON Village operates like a trade fair with Arts and Crafts, business persons, as well as the various countries in competition.  

At the centre of all these is the show of culture. “We are floating the flags of these Countries”, Mrs Etombi Gladys, MP from Fako East constituency and chairperson of the Limbe AFCON Village committee explained.  There are areas of restauration, leisure and live musical concerts. Every evening big musicians are invited to present shows. When there are football matches all inhabitants are encouraged to go to the Omnisports stadium to watch them live. Even when people leave the stadium they still come to the AFCON Village for relaxation. When there are no matches cultural displays take the stage to showcase the four cultural regions of Cameroon namely the Sudano –Sahel, the Western grass field, the Fang Beti and the Sawa.

The various ministries and state corporations are also showcasing their services and products. Many visitors were at the SOPECAM Stand last Saturday where the various printing products of the News and Publishing Corporation are being exposed to many foreigners and nationals. The programme of activities at the AFCON Village began last Saturday, 19 November, in Limbe with Longue Longue staging. Yesterday were the Ngoso Wovia, Kena, Oku Juju. Today there will be a live broadcast of matches from 3pm. Thursday, tomorrow, will be the Bafut Manjong, Monekim, Chacha Middle Farms, Nara Imam and Mahongo-Bassa. Up-coming are Fang Beti, Lebialem and Mukonge-Meta.




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