Valorising Lake Chad : Display Of Cultural Prowess Imminent

This was the focus of an audience granted to the Director of AFD, Cameroon, by the Minister of Arts and Culture last Friday, October 25.

An exhibition of Lake Chad will take place at the National Museum in Yaounde, come December this year. This was disclosed during an audience granted to the Director of the French Development Agency (AFD) in Cameroon, Benoit Lebeurre, by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt on October 25, 2019. During the close to an hour audience between the AFD delegation and the Minister of Arts and Culture, Benoit Lebeurre told Minister Bidoung Mkpatt the intention of his agency in organizing an exhibition of Lake Chad and wished the ministry could support and join in the exposition. Minister Bidoung Mkpatt’s reaction was prompt and positive as he immediately told his collaborators to indicate how their different departments can enrich and contribute to such an event which will be of great importance to the country at a time the Lake Chad Basin is under examination to become a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Benoit Lebeurre said the audience was an opportunity for him to laud the partnership his agency shares with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, particularly through the National Museum in which they are greatly involved in its development. He said his agency was using the opportunity to expose Lake Chad ahead of international work which will begin at the lake to establish it as a UNESCO Heritage Site. The exhibition will be an opportunity to talk about the wildlife living around the lake and the lifestyle of the population in the area. Through the exhibition, the world will be able to see that which makes the Lake worthy to become a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Lake Chad is a vast area of fresh water located in the middle of sand dunes which covers territories in four countries: Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. Palaeography informs that the Lake Chad has been constantly evolving with respect to the environmental conditions. A peculiar feature of the Lake Chad is the profusion of hundreds of islands and small islands, of which numerous are inhabited by several communities such as the Kotoko, Mouloui, Barma, Boulalan, Babalia, Kanembou, Haoussa, who live from its resources and rely on the resilience of the lake to perpetuate their ways of life. This cohabitation between man and nature which has been perpetuated for centuries gives a true cultural landscape dimension to the vast lake



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