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Cumbersome Process For Compiling Files

Many administrative structures are involved in the process for compiling candidature files.

Aspiring candidates for the positions of Members of the National Assembly and municipal councillors in the February 9, 2020 twin municipal and legislative elections are passing through thick and thin to compile their candidature files. This is because many administrative structures are involved in the process and some of the documents require stages in their compilation.
The administrative authorities have made much efforts to facilitate the process. At the Yaounde 3 (Efoulan) Subdivisional Office on Monday, November 18, 2019, there was hardly any hustling and bustling by the aspiring candidates. Officials in the Service for Administrative, Judicial and Political Affairs told Cameroon Tribune that there has been any effervescence since the convening of the electors to the polls for the two elections. The officials declared that documents such as copy of birth certificate, criminal record and certificate of nationality are simple to obtain.
Complications are at the level of the attestation of abode or residence in the council area concerned, issued by the competent administrative authorities. At the level of Yaounde 3 Subdivision, the press release of the Mayor of the Yaounde 3 Council is put up at the entrance to the Subdivisional Office. Mayor Otele Manda Etienne Marcel has detailed documents that have to be furnished for the Subdivisional Officer to sign the residence certificate specifically for candidates who own houses and for tenants.  Complicated documents here are photocopies of the property tax. Another requirement is the signature of the third class traditional ruler of the quarter of residence of the aspirant attesting that he or she is effectively resident there. Once all these documents are verified and they fulfil the requirements of the law, the Subdivisional Officer therefore signs the residence certificate. In the initial requirements, stamps are requested but at the level of the Yaounde 3 Subdivision, the stamps are exempted, the officials said.
The tax certificate or a tax exemption certificate is another complicated document to obtain. Owing to the complications, the Director General of Taxation, Mopa Modeste Fatoing on November 14, 2019 signed a release stating that the Tax Clearance Certificate is the sole tax document required in constituting the files for the concerned persons. He specified that, “This document serves both as a certificate of taxation or  non-taxation  and attests  to the bearer’s tax  compliance.” In order to obtain the document, the Director General of Taxation, invites candidates to contact the Divisional Tax Offices wherein they are accustomed to carrying out their tax operations to obtain the said document, upon the presentation of a simple stamped request. The Tax Clearance Certificate, he said, is issued free of charge.



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