Situation in NW, SW : Peace-Caravan Outcome Explained To PM

Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on December 4, 2019 had a debriefing session with leaders of the “Peace Caravans” to the North West and South West Regions

Leaders of the “Peace Caravan” Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute dispatched to the crisis-stricken North West and South West Regions have handed their reports to him after carrying out a one-week sensitisation mission to the seven Divisions of the North West and six Divisions of the South West Region.

The Prime Minister had a joint debriefing session with Christian Cardinal Tumi, leader of the Peace Caravan to the North West Region and Bishop Andrew Nkea the leader to the South West Regions at the Star Building in Yaounde on December 4, 2019. The overall message was the mounting anxiety of the population to know the content of the Special Status for the North West and South West Regions recommended during the Major National Dialogue and their yearning for peace to return. As to the expectations of the population, Christian Cardinal Tumi told the press, “The population wanted to know the content of the special status to the North West and South West. We expect the content to be made known to the people as soon as possible. What will make the difference between the North West and South West and the other regions of Cameroon because there are colonial and cultural differences we inherited.” He said the people reacted, expressed their opinions and proposals and that is what they have transmitted to the Prime Minister.

Talking about the mission of the caravan, Christian Cardinal Tumi said, “We were sent out to propose to the population and to those who will explain to the populations of the various divisions the importance of peace for anything to be done at all. Without peace nothing can be done. When I launched the caravan in the North West, I said that peace is the fruit of love.” Evaluating the missions, he said, “We think that the launching of the peace drive was successful. We are not saying that it was perfect but it was a good beginning and everyone is waiting for more to be done.” He said the security situation was improving despite problems.

Bishop Andrew Nkea said that for the South West, “It was very important for us to witness that the administration, politicians, religious leaders and population were speaking one language which is peace.” He disclosed that the “Teams went to all the six Divisions, did a splendid job, met a lot of people, preached peace and people were opened. For one thing, the population is tired, they want to return to normal life.” They used the occasion to tell the people that recommendations of the Major National Dialogue could only be implemented in a peaceful atmosphere .



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