The Law : Deadline For Petitions

According to the Electoral Code in its Sections 126 and 187 on provisions relating to the legislative and municipal elections, the Electoral Board of ELECAM shall draw up and publish the list of candidates within no less than 60 days to the date of poll. Elections Cameroon shall equally, going by the law, notify the Constitutional Council of such list of candidates. With the publication of the list, petitions can be filed by a political party or candidate taking part in the elections or any government representative in the said election. 
With regards to Legislative Elections
Section 129 of the Electoral Code states “Objections or petitions relating to the rejection or acceptance of candidates, as well as those relating to the colour, initials or emblem adopted by a candidates may be brought before the Constitutional Council by any candidate or political party taking part in the election or any person serving as a government representative in the said election, within a maximum period of two days following the publication of the list of the candidates.” The petitions shall be recorded by the Constitutional Council and such petitions shall be notified to all parties concerned through any fast means leaving a paper trail, and posted up at the Constitutional Council within 24 hours following the filling therefore as stipulated in Section 130 of the said Code. Paragraph six of the aforementioned section indicates that “the written evidence of the person concerned shall be deposited within 24 hours of the notification or posting up of the petition.”  The Constitutional Council acc...



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