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From The Constitutional Council : Over 13 Petitions Deposited

They are from the UPC, CPDM, PCRN and UDT parties.

At press time yesterday, over than thirteen petitions have been received and registered at the Constitutional Council following the publication of the lists of candidacies for the February 9, 2020 legislative and municipal elections by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon. Going by the Electoral Code, petitions relating to the legislative elections are submitted at the Constitutional Council within a maximum period of two days following the publication of the list of candidates as stated in Sections 129. It is therefore against this backdrop that political parties prayed the Council to reconsider the decision of the Electoral Board.


Two petitions were deposited by two different persons praying the Council to reject the candidacies of fellow party officials. Mbeh Babot Aimé Hermann, a candidate for the legislative election in the Haut- Nyong constituency of the East Region pleads the Council to reject the candidacy of Agbwah Ntiba Eric Van Michel of the same constituency on grounds that his birth certificate is not authentic. Kamden Honoré equally on November 26, 2019 filed for the rejection of the candidacy of Ketchanga Célestin.


The Cameroon National Reconciliation Party, abbreviated in French as PCRN, who suffered a rejection in the Wouri- East constituency in Douala, Littoral Region petitioned the court for reconsideration. They stated the list was rejected by the Electoral Board for the non-payment of a deposit, whereas they had according to their claim submitted by Ngnoheu Simplice fulfilled the financial requirement. They are therefore requesting the Council to have their list reconsidered. UPC All lists of the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon (UPC) were rejected by the Electoral Board of ELECAM predominantly on the fact that two different lists were submitted by the party for same election. A faction led by Pierre Baleguel Nkot deposited seven petitions begging on the Council to have their lists reconsidered. Another faction led by Hon. Robert Bapooh Lipot submitted similar petitions, all praying the Council to have their list reconsidered for having fulfilled the legal requirement in compiling the documents.


The Union for Democracy for Work in Cameroon (UDT) has their list rejected in Wouri- West for the legislative elections on count of the non-payment of a deposit. In their petition, they request the Council to reconsider their nomination papers. With the deadline for the reception of petitions at the Constitutional Council was slated for yesterday midnight given the two days would have elapsed following the publication of the lists by ELECAM, the Registrar-in-Chief at the said Council said all petitions were to be received till the deadline and were to be given objective consideration. The Council shall according to Section 131 of the Electoral Code rule on the matter brought before it within no more than 10 days of the filing of the petitions.



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