Yaounde Development : Great Transformation

Yaounde has undergone transformation in the areas of circulation and urban mobility, construction of buildings and markets, recreational grounds and urban re-afforestation.

within the past decades witnessed great evolution in terms of multifaceted development. As the pioneer elected Mayor of the City of Yaounde, Messi Atangana Luc and his executive prepare to take up duties, they would have to better reflect on how best to perpetuate the all-embracing development of the city that has been on the rails. Yaounde has therefore witnessed transformation in diverse development aspects.


Many projects have been carried out to ensure fluid movement in the city. There are bus and taxi stops all over the city, installed paid parking lots, multiplication of horizontal and vertical road signs and multiplication of proximity police posts to ensure the security of the population. Decorated road pavements have also been built noticeably in places like Avenue Kennedy, Independence Boulard, Mont Febe Roundabout etc. all intended to ensure the comfortable circulation of pedestrians.

Developing City Centre

Roundabouts that have been transformed to tourist sites and avenues for celebrations.  Some of them have been constructed in places such as Roundabout in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, Nlongkak, Nkolbisson, Evouna Bella, Bastos, Mvog-Betsi and EMIA. A park has also been developed in the administrative quarters, fences built around status such as Bois de l’Ewoué and Charles Atangana, markets built to settle dealers in flowers, fruits, shops and leisure centre for youths in Mvog-Betsi. Green spaces and public gardens now exist such as Bois Sainte-Anastasie in Warda Junction, modern restaurants such as les Cascades de Mfoundi.

Markets, Urban Furniture

The City Council has constructed shops in Mendong, Etoudi and Mbankolo, rehabilitated the main building of the Yaounde City Council. Urban furniture is also seen at the annex building of...



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