Socio-political Situation in Cameroon : Russia Against Foreign Intervention

External Relations Minister granted an audience to the Russian Ambassador on March 4, 2020.

The Minister of External Relations, Mbella Mbella received in audience on March 4, 2020 the Russian Ambassador to Cameroon, Anatoliy Bashkine, during which both personalities discussed on the socio-political situation in the country especially in the North West and South West Regions. 
According to a statement by Ambassador Anatoliy Bashkine to reporters after the audience, the government of Cameroon together with its citizens can best find a lasting solution to the situation in the two English regions, hence no international humanitarian intervention is needed.  “We looked at the situation in the North West and South West Regions of the country and basically the government of Cameroon has made huge steps to resolve the conflict such as the holding of the Major National Dialogue and the gradual implementation of its recommendations which has given a special status to the two regions. We hope that the situation will be solved as soon as possible but we are against humanitarian intervention and once again our position is that the President of this country, government and the people of Cameroon can solve the problem themselves without international intervention,” he stated. The Russian diplomat appreciated the holding of the national dialogue and other moves to fast-track the process of decentralisation. 
Cameroon-Russia relations at the bilateral and international levels were going by the Ambassador equally discussed. “We discussed the cooperation between our countries in the political fields both at the mutual and the international levels,” he said. 
The rehabilitation of the national oil refinery company (SONARA) came under discussion as well before the two personalities. He said a Russian delegation specialised in oil and gas arrived in Cameroon two weeks ago and has already met with the Minister of Water Resources and Energy to that effect. 



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