Beyond The Ballot

The credibility of power accredited by the ballot or imposed by the bullet depends on love and respect achieved through patriotism portrayed during the struggle, or craving to lead.
This leadership virtue is acquired through preservation of life the precious gift of God. The creator showed his anger when Cain, out of sheer envy committed the first murder on earth, when he killed his brother, Abel.
Regrettably, man has continued to maim, and kill fellow man for selfish reasons which include material acquisition and insatiable quests for power.
No matter how genuine the reasons for power struggle may sound, we are not expected to eliminate compatriots, or mastermind kidnappings and destruction of property, in search of positions.
The number of compatriots we have lost since 2016 when a strike action by teachers and lawyers became something else, is in fact, disturbing; yet, this calamity could be stalled through patriotic commitment to the elements of peace, which include fraternal love, tolerance, dialogue, loyalty, and above all fear of God, our Creator.
Through these virtues we can pre-empt the radicalisation that tempts compatriots to destroy, kidnap and kill with the aim of correcting political sins, administrative errors or regional greed.
In the face of today’s socio-political challenges, we ought to reflect on the number of youths, professionals, visiting missionaries, and other experts lost since 2016 and end this nightmare before it ends our pride as a nation with enormous wealth of human and material resources.
The continuous loss of lives and destruction of property, must give way to a life style exemplary of our intelligence and p...



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