Bamenda : Residents Adapting Measures Against COVID-19

Hand sanitizers, facemasks, alternative handshakes, and to avoid touching the face with the hand are still being learned.

Bamenda city dweller are learning to acquaint with washing the hands and using hand sanitizers constantly as well as alternative handshakes for greetings such as offering smiles, nodding the head or waving. To a few, washing the hands or using hand sanitizers has become instinctive and does not need a previous contact with a person or object. It is now common to spot one or two people with facemasks in public places.

Creative Initiatives

Shortly after government instructed on actions in response to the COVID-19 disease outbreak on March 17, 2020, individual business persons installed a locally-made hand sanitizer for public use in the open-air around City Chemist Roundabout in Bamenda.  It is used by all including passersby. Some residents’ complaint that immediately the government instruction was issued, the prices of hand sanitizers, regardless of quality have skyrocketed making it difficult even for an average citizen to afford.

 Camera at Matazem

All persons travelling into the North West Region through the west entrance have to undergo a basic medical check at the Toll Gate at Matazem in Santa, where a thermal camera, an ambulance and a heath team were stationed on Saturday March 21st, 2020. The systematic screening is a part of efforts against the COVID-19 outbreak. "No case of corona virus infection has so far been...



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