Manyu Division : Compulsory Hands Washing And Sanitizing

The Council has stationed 20 sanitized water drums in all the entry points and outlets of the municipality.

The Mamfe Council is on the front to see that Coronavirus does not infiltrate into the town. To this effect, it has stationed 20 sanitized water drums around the main market, main park and other commercial hubs of the town where citizens wash and sanitize their hands. In all the entry points like Kumba-Mamfe, Ekok and Akwaya, etc all passengers compulsorily alight from their cars to wash and sanitize their hands. There are security officers in all the various check points to enforce the compulsory stop and hands washing of all road users.

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10 Catholic youth volunteers and eight staff of Manyu Red Cross plus some staff of the Mamfe Council are distributed across the municipality to guide the hands washing process and sanitizing. On March 28, 2020, Mamfe Council distributed 2000 nose masks to its inhabitants. 

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