South West : Expectations Are High!

Roads, hospitals and other facilities to employ youth and development structures are awaited.

The development and reconstruction needs of the South West Region are legion and visible.  

The current three-year-old socio-political violence with the South West as part of the battle ground add on the long list of social, economic, political and cultural development deficiencies.

The Cameroon Premier’s Order of 3 April, 2020, appointing Tasong Njukang Paul as Coordinator of President Paul Biya’s Plan to reconstruct and develop the North West and South West Regions has rekindled hopes for the population.

There is burning optimism that the area would be pulled out of the ashes of the three-year-long depression. A long drawn war has led to burning down homes, destroying public edifices like schools, hospitals and offices. Worse, the war has halted the construction works begun on the Kumba-Ekondo Titi-Mundemba-Akwa highway in 2017. The battles have prevented many other yearly investment plans by Government for the Region for three years running. The consequence is no new classrooms for schools, no new offices built, no road grading, no school attendance, no businesses, very few health facilities operating. In fact, life has been at a standstill with humans hiding in bushes for their dear lives.


Two major words are engraved in the PM’s Order of last 3 April creating the framework to rebuild Anglophone Cameroon notably “reconstruction” and “development”. Reconstruction is first on the list and inhabitants of the South West can recollect so well that there is a hospital to rebuild in Kumba. The structure was bought down by fire on 11 February, 2019, orchestrated by persons still to be identified. There are scores of schools to be rebuilt in Lebialem, Manyu, Kupe Muanenguba, Meme, Ndian and Fako of the South West Region.

With new manpower engaged in the last election into councils and with the new spirit of decentralisation, Tasong’s team will find very ready mouths to spell the real needs of the people in terms of reconstruction.


In terms of development of the South West, it needs no telling that roads, water and electricity must figure as priority on Tasong’s agenda. In addition, the cry for a deep seaport in Limbe, when satisfied, will open employment opportunities for the youth and turn them away from violence. There is growing hope that power supply plants in the likes of Yoke Powercam of yesteryears could be revived to wither the epileptic electricity flow that keeps people on their nerves in the Region.




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