Electoral Lists : Registers Open Today

Dispositions have been taken by Elections Cameroon nationwide to enlist citizens who meet the voting conditions.

Electoral registers are as from today open and persons of voting age can henceforth have their names enlisted. The annual revision of electoral registers is a prescription of Sections 74 and 75 of the Electoral Code which in principle say electoral registers shall be permanent and shall be revised every year throughout the national territory. 
A press release by the Director General of Elections, Erik Essousse states that the annual revise of electoral registers shall begin today Thursday April 9, 2020 in all the ten regions of the country. During the period of revision, the law provides for two categories of persons to be entered in the electoral list; citizens who meet the conditions laid down by law and citizens whose names were previously omitted. Simply put, modifications relating to personal information on full name, parentage, date and place of birth of electors can be submitted in the course of the revision process. Electoral registers, it should be noted are automatically closed following the convening of the electoral college by the President of the Republic and such was the case on November 10, 2019 when President Paul Biya convened the polls for the February 9, 2020 legislative and municipal elections.  With the opening of the registers today, citizens of voting age can thus have their names enlisted and participate in future elections as the need may be. 
Elections Cameroon, on her part has put in place appropriate measures to ensure the maximum number of persons are registered. Their machines and staff, they note, are ready to begin the process which they term as “accompanying citizens in exercising their rights.” Information relating to the importance of being registered will, according to officials of ELECAM, be circulated on their social media platforms. 
Faced with the global health challenge with Cameroon and the world are experiencing (COVID-19), the Director General of Elections, in his press release, said the revision exercise would be conducted in strict observation of government prescriptions. Proximity rules of moving towards the population by having ELECAM officials stationed in public neighbourhoods, market squares and other grouping points will not be effected at the moment. As the revision process begins today, only the convening of another election by the President of the Republic would have them closed or on August 31 if no electoral process is announced.



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