Distance Learning : Online Studies Gaining Grounds

Many people are taking courses on line from Douala.

With the high rate of modernization, studying online is gaining more grounds as many people are taking lessons from home just from their computers or mobile telephone. In the economic capital of Douala, those engaged in taking courses online say it is effective. Mballa Gustav is a worker in Douala who is taking lessons on marketing online. According to him, the course is rich in content. Online or e-learning simply put is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. While some educational institutions merge traditional classroom teaching and learning with e-learning, others are fully involved in e-learning.
As to how it works, registered students take courses through emails, video learning and a lot more. The Information and Communication Technology-ICT University is one of those institutions fully involved in e-learning. The President of the Board of trustees of the ICT University, Professor Victor Mbarika, explained that it is a system of global standard such that once a student gains admission into the ICT University, their technology and E-learning department creates the student school email address and equally gives access to their online learning platform.
A guide is equally given to the student who uses it to learn how to enrol for courses and how to take lectures, submit assignment and participate in live classroom sessions. “The student is later on registered into courses they are to take by an administrator. Once that is done, the student is ready to start taking lectures online while following a time-table given to him/her by the course administrator”. Prof Victor Mbarika explained. He further said the beauty of e-learning is that students can take lessons from any part of the world and from the comfort of their homes. “Everything we teach in class at ICT University is broadcast live all over the world on the internet such that students can attend classes which are usually interactive, as the students have the opportunity to stop the teachers in the middle of any class and ask a question from any part of the world” Prof Mbarika added.
However, e-learning is not all a bed of roses as most teachers lack appropriate training to teach online. The lack of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and free online content into courses is also a hindrance. There is also lack of practical education technology specialist.  Most students in Douala carrying out e-learning complain of frequent interruption of internet connection and other technologies.



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