Book Documents Life Of Irene Ekouta

The book entitled ‘’My anonymous confessions’’ was officially launched on February 1, 2020.

Emotional dependence is a feeling of insecurity that pushes you to think that without someone you cannot do anything. The author Irene Fernande Ekouta who was a victim of the disease decided to tell her story through a book that she considered as the best weapon to create consciousness, to educate and to link generations.
Mes confessions anonymes’’ (My anonymous confessions) is therefore a 130-page book, published by herself and which was officially launched on February 1, 2020 it is the second of the author after the first entitled “D’amour et de glace’’ (Love and Glace) published in 2017 by Edilivre. Divided in 19 chapters, the author explained how she came out from the disease for five years spent with her partner as an emotional dependent. During the period of time, the Cameroonian author described the lovely relationship she had at the beginning of this story and in which she was so comfortable thanks to the attention, the love, the patience given by her partner that turns immediately wrong.     
That story which perfectly matches with the life of women who feel abuse either psychologically, emotionally or physically by their partners but cannot do anything because of the look of the society in which you should obey, respect and to a subject; or because you are in love and you think that soon or late he will change because they think that they love them too even though she deeply knows he is like that and cannot change.
The 30-year-old Cameroonian and also a journalist, Fernande Etouka through her book, sent a message which is to “love yourself, know yourself and your limits before you start entering in a relationship that can go far.’’ And for women who are the target, people gave an advice that she took to herself “Do not lie to yourself, face the reality. Be courageous in the face of adversity. Love yourself and prioritise your joy.’’



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