Douala: Huge Gridlocks Form Between Deido And Bonaberi

Even bikes and pedestrians were caught in the traffic jam that started at 5pm Wednesday till 1 pm Thursday, December 1, 2016.


From 5pm Wednesday November 30, till Thursday December 1st at about 1pm was a nightmare for commuters going to and fro Bonaberi. The horrible traffic jam provoked by a giant water channel that got broken around Rond Point Deido, grounded both private and public transport vehicles for hours. The scenario along the Bonaberi-Rond Point stretch was horrible December 1st in a way that passengers abandoned vehicles to drivers and trek to and fro Bonaberi. Trekking pregnant women, nursing mothers and children were held in the gridlock that lasted for over seven hours December 1st.

Though trekking was the best option, those who had lighter baggage managed to carry them on their heads and shoulders while those with heavy bags kept drivers company. Motor bikes that usually make a way where there is no way did not have it easy as they had to push and at times carry the bikes with the help of passengers to cross to the opposite lane. Vehicles moving to Bonaberi from Rond Point were grounded for over 6 hours while those from Bonaberi took lesser hours to reach Rond Point.

From all indications, taxi drivers gnash their teeth for standing on the spot for over 5 hours, losing fuel and thinking only a magic wand can complete the money they will hand over to their bosses at the end of the day.



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