Sudan : Authorities Want UN Troops Out of Darfur

The different strata of the country believe it is time to shift from peacekeeping to peacebuilding.

The head of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, General al-Burhan, has called on the United Nations to withdraw its troops from Darfur. The General al-Burhan’s call last Tuesday, is the latest in a series of authorities' statements demanding the departure of the United Nations-African Mission In Darfur (UNAMID). On Monday, Sudanese Ambassador to the UN Omer Mohamed Siddig urged the U.N. Security Council to lift its suspension of troop withdrawals and ensure all peacekeepers leave Darfur by June 2020, “It's time to shift from peacekeeping to peacebuilding in Darfur, and to end restrictions on the government's movement of arms and troops in and out of the region”, ambassador Omer added.
Military personnel, ministers and even the head of government want the UNAMID to pack out. They want to replace it with a force with a much less robust mandate, without peacekeepers or police. Prime Minister Hamdock has written to the United Nations Security Council asking that the future entity be given a much more flexible status, which would notably prevent it from physically protecting civilians.
Deployed since 2007, the UN mission in Darfur is made up of more than 6,500 men, peacekeepers and police. Though its future to either extend its mandate or replace it with another entity will be decided at the end of October, 2020 by the Security Council, the African Union believe overall security in the vast western region "remains volatile."
Researcher Ahmed Adam said the military no longer wants the United Nations to interfere with its operations in conflict zones. "A weak UN presence would also lead to a weakening of civil power in the face of the coup plotters," he said, especially after the elections.
Meanwhile, associations and armed groups in Darfur, as well as dozens of civilian representatives have multiplied declarations and petitions for the maintenance of peacekeepers. Everyone recalls that the revolution did not end the Darfur crisis. On the contrary. Since the start of the year, there has been tribal fighting that has left hundreds of people dead. Researcher Adeeb Yousef believe



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