Health Workers : Plan Cameroon Reinforces Capacities

This was at a two-day workshop organised by Plan International Cameroon in Yaounde.

Some 90-health workers from 11 Health Districts in the Centre Region have reinforced their capacities on the management of Covid-19 cases. Organised by Plan International Cameroon within its area of intervention in the Centre Region, the two-day workshop, aimed at ensuring that health workers have a better mastery of the Covid-19 pandemic, what medical steps to take at each point when dealing with a Covid-19 case and the way forward after a patient is treated of the virus.

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Opening the workshop on June 25, 2020, the Centre Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Charlotte Moussi, lauded the efforts of Plan International Cameroon for initiating the workshop at a time when almost all Health Districts in the Centre Region are managing Covid-19 cases. Dr Charlotte Moussi said the workshop was of utmost importance because various actors in the health chain needed to reinforce their capacities in the management of the pandemic, which keeps ravaging the world. Noting that health workers are the most exposed to the virus, Dr Moussi urged participants to effectively examine the challenge and ensure that no health personnel is infected during the management of Covid-19 cases because this is a major problem in the health system as many health workers will need to be put on quarantine.  The Centre Regional Delegate of Public Health said things would never be the same after Covid-19. Hence, participants at the workshop also looked at how to sensitise families with Covid-19 cases, the reinsertion of Covid-19 patients and above all, the management of patients with other health complications. 

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The Programme Unit Coordinator for the Centre Region at Plan International Cameroon, Mrs Adama Garba said Plan Cameroon did not want to assume that health workers are apt to manage Covid-19 cases in their health districts of intervention. Reason why health personnel from the Akonolinga, Biyem-Assi, Cité Verte, Djoungolo, Efloulan, Mfou, Nkolbisson, Nkoldongo, Okola, Awae and Esse Health Districts all in the Centre Region had to undertake the capacity building workshop on the management of Covid-19 cases. The health staff were also schooled on how to identify Covid-19 cases, trace people that have been exposed to any Covid-19 case and effectively intervene in the field in handling cases. Some of the training topics examined were: Prevention and Infection Control, Management of Covid-19 deaths, Physiological Care to Patients and Their Families, Management of Covid-19 Waste Products and the Care Given to Pregnant Women within the Context of Covid-19.

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