Hygiene and Sanitation : Competition Launched

The city of Douala Limbe and Yaounde have been selected to take part in the 2020 edition.

A competition to get the cleanest city in Cameroon has been launched. The Hygiene and Sanitation Competition that was launched in Douala on Friday June 26, 2020 will involve the City of Douala, Limbe and Yaounde. While launching the competition in Douala, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development Celestine Ketcha Courtes urged the mayors concerned to do their best to keep their cities clean and work hard to win the competition. She advised theconcerned mayors to get the population on board in other to succeed in the competition. She urged the mayors to organize competitions for the cleanest neighbourhood within their municipality as this will go a long way to motivate the population to be involved in the competition. She asked the different mayors to pre- pare text and sanctions for people who litter the environment as this will serve as a deterrent.

Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes said the city of Douala have been chosen to celebrate the 2020 edition of the world habitant Day as such the task is more on them . Owing that the towns of Douala, Limbe and Yaounde will play host to CHAN 2020, it was necessary for them to be up to standards. The Minister announced that the resultsof the competition will be disclosed on the 5th of October 2020 and the winner will take home a ransom reward.

It was also a moment for Minister Ketcha Courtes to hand over hygiene and sanitation equipment to the mayors present, some of the equipment include wheel barrows, rakes brushes, spades, squeegees just to name a few. The Douala City Mayor, Roger Mbassa Ndine, thanked the minister for the gifts, saying that they will be put into good use. He promised to work in close collaboration with the mayors in Douala to keep the city clean. To him, the competition is a great challenge for all the mayors concerned as such he will do all within his power to ensure that Douala emerge victorious .



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