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Low cost Housing : 32 Owners receive Keys

This was during a ceremony that took place in Mbanga Bakoko on July 14.

In a bit to provide decent housing to its citizens, the government of Cameroon engaged in the construction of low cost housing. One of such houses was constructed in Mbanga Bakoko in the Littoral Region. In effect, some 32 persons who had completed payment of their apartments received their keys yesterday July 14, 2020. While handing over the keys to the beneficiaries, the Regional Delegate for Housing and Urban Development, Biakeu Patrice urged the recipients to respect the terms of the contract. He said so far many more people are in the process of paying for their own houses. In the days ahead their keys will also be handed to them. He said amongst the 32 apartments, there are 21 bigger apartments and 11 smaller ones. The Delegate sounded off that a police post already exist in the area and the area is accessible. 
Mr Biakeu Patrice added that the Mbanga Bakoko low cost housing is in line with the project to construct 10.000 low cost housing and to develop 50.000 plots for the construction of houses launched by the Cameroon Government in 2010. It was all smiles as the different beneficiaries took home their keys. One of the beneficiaries, Madam Kamdom said it was a pleasure to receive the keys of her apartment at this point in time. She said though the wait was long, it was worthwhile. She thanked the Cameroon government for such an opportunity as finding a land to construct a house in Douala is very expensive.  She added that it was a better choice for her to buy the house because it was affordable and secured.
It should be recalled that in line with the project to construct low cost housing, the government will construct some 4.500 collective houses in Douala and Yaounde, 50 individual houses in the chief towns of Douala and Yaounde, 50 individual houses in Kribi, Edea and Limbe, 50 low cost houses also in Dschang, Bangangte, Soa,  Sangmelima and other cities. 



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