Breaking Eggs For No Omelette

If all ends justified the means, the masterminds of undertakings, would hardly suffer self-reproach. But unfortunately this is not always the case.

Regrettably, the ongoing socio-political crisis crippling the North west and South west regions, of our country has attained a point that one is bound to wonder if the perpetrators of this crisis, have a genuine concern for the future.

What an irony, and defeatist trend to betray the objectives of a redress struggle while undermining the rights of the people for which the struggle is being waged! What future do citizens dream of when fraternal love of the people, and future of the geopolitical unite is not portrayed in the struggle for affluence?

Besides denying innocent children their right to education, their parents the right to health services and free movement, our misguided compatriots eliminate those they consider black legs in the struggle, kidnap and confine, in the quest for ransoms. What a miscarriage of justice in the search for rights!

What an unpleasant surprise for peace-loving Cameroonians who in 1961 ignored the socio- cultural and political differences imposed by colonialism and opted for a reunion with their brothers and sisters east of the Mungo!

This surprise is felt by other African countries, and the international community which praised Cameroon for correcting a colonial wrong by proving in a U.N. organized plebiscite that blood is thicker than water. After such a political feat, we ought to continue working together in love and tolerance in spite of numerical strengths, political leanings and tribal loyalties to forge ahead with the qualities that make Cameroon unique in Africa.

Our agro-industrial undertakings like the Cameroon Development Corporation, C.D.C, and PAMOL, and other institutions, must not be crippled as result of geopolitical differences that can be redressed through dialogue, fraternal love, tolerance, and selflessness in stewardship.

At a time, when developed nations are cooperating to consolidate their socio-economic and political groupings , through reinforced efforts against economic protectionism, Cameroon, like the rest of African nations cannot afford to gamble with political stabili...



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