Book Launch : Promoting National Unity

The Book entitled “The Reunification of the Cameroons” was launched in Douala on August 6, 2020.

Promoting peace and unity has been the watchword on almost every lip in Cameroon of recent. Most Cameroonians have been craving for peace when the crisis in the North West and South Regions turned violent and deadly. Through debates conferences, and books, many have been contributing their own quota to bringing back peace. One of such concerned Cameroonians is CRTV journalist, Kihkishiy Lawrence who recently wrote a book on the reunification of Cameroon. The book titled “The Reunification of the Cameroons, Requiem for a nation” proposes that a two state federation will make things better for the country. While launching the book in Douala on the 6 of August 2020 the author propagates that federation is necessary for a smooth management of State affairs and he totally disagree secession in any form.

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The book launching ceremony that took the form of a panel discussion gave panelists the opportunity to revisit the history of Cameroon and make proposals on how to bring back peace. During the panel discussions, Kihkishiy Lawrence holds that most debates have been centered on political ideologies and not personal ideologies. He said it is high time Cameroonians start sharing their personal ideas on national issues and keep their political colours aside.  He said with this, so many things will change and people will start thinking as one and not opposing each other.

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Other panelist like, Yette Bayika, teacher and researcher in African anthropology, Noe Mbengan, Ananie Bindzi and Leon Bertrand Tanefo all elaborated on the necessity of peace. They all concluded that a consensus is needed to bring back peace in the North West and South West regions.

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Revisiting the book, the author holds that the reunifications of the Cameroons  was a serious  political period in Cameroon during which a young country was being  constituted from two distinct English and French. He concludes that the reunification backed by salient facts and good intentions were not given the chance to prosper. Kihkishiy Lawrence “requiem” begins from the unilateral decision to end the federation in1972 and the change of name from the Federal Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon in 1984.

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