Book Launch : Recipe For Healthy Body

The book titled “How to eat to live long, in good health and form” was recently launched in Douala.

The Cameroonian literary world has been enriched with the publication of a new book. The book title “Comment manger pour vivre longtemps, en forme et en santé” or “How to eat to live for long, in form and good health”, was launched on Wednesday August 12, in Douala. Speaking at the book launch the lead author, Neke Norberos who also happens to be the president of ‘Vie de Santé’ association, said the book is out to serve as a guide on how to feed well to avoid illness and live for long.  He said with the coming of the Whiteman, Africans abandoned their way of life to adopt European models leading the illnesses and premature death. He therefore advocates for a cultural revolution in Cameroon and Africa in general by returning to the pre-colonial past whereas Africans ate African food. “Food is medicine and our parents knew that but with the coming of Whiteman, this knowledge was abandoned,” he said. He said 80 per cent of illness are caused by poor feeding and that god feeding can boost the immune system.

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The book is co-authored with Zoa Polycarpe who has a degree in cuisine and health and Fabrice Siemeni, a nutritionist. It comprises 246 pages divided into four major parts; feeding, sports, environment and developing the spirit. It encompasses practical tips on good feeding, food recipes and their nutritive content as well as illustrations, tables and pictures. The front cover is illustrated with the images of a bicycle drawn with food items such as tomatoes, lettuce, banana, carrots, cucumber and green beans. The lead author said it took two and a half years to write the book, drawing inspiration from nature. The book cost 15000 FCFA but the author says the cost will be reduced to 10.000 with time so as to enable more Cameroonians acquire the book. He said their goal is to reach 20 million Cameroonians in the next five years so as to engender a cultural revolution.

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