Assiduous Stewardship

Democratic governance derives its credibility from the principle of giving the masses the right to freely elect those to lead, and when to dislodge them from power through the ballot, and not the bullet. Without respect of this principle, ousting and violence triggered by greed and failures creep in to install an uncomfortable political scenario. 

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Regrettably, most African countries, despite sixty years of political independence cannot count with pride the fruits of independence and self-government. The painful cause of this uncomfortable trend is the greed of stakeholders who opt for personal interests at the expense of national objectives. Sad!

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Selflessness in stewardship demands the will to concert and work in the interest of the nation at all levels with focus on peace, stability and progress.

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In this light, civil servants in the domains of administration, the judiciary, teaching, communication, business and religious catering should be living ingredients of genuine peace without which it is difficult to be efficient and effective in nation building.


As the year 2020, draws to an end and our children look forward to starting a new school year, how many of us, leaders and the led are worried about the innocent kids in two of our regions that for the past four years, have been out of school owing to a restive scenario we could hardly dream of in Cameroon? How many of us are working hard with our compatriots to see that significant meaning is given the decisions taken at the Major National Dialogue aimed at stalling the crisis? And what about this appeal for protests at a time we should be thinking of what to do so that the decentralization process is given the genuine meaning it deserves considering the ugly state of affairs our country is facing?

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 In the face of these weaknesses, we need to sit up, and assess our personal contributions to what must be done to alter the unpalatable trends that rob us of the enviable image that is rightly ours.

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We all face the challenge of asking ourselves individually and collectively what we have done, or have been doing since 2016 to stall a socio-political crisis that has greatly tarnished the image of our country.  For instance, are our compatriots who are raising funds in foreign countries to fund separation at home aware of what their capitalist host counties are doing to consolidate their socio-economic powers, and continue to serve their already developed nations? Do they sympathize with the children and their poor parents who cannot send their children to other regions of Cameroon for them to continue their education? What an unpleasant surprise from our kindred! 

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As a challenge of assiduous stewardship of the nation, we must size up our individual commitments to the challenge of serving Cameroon efficiently and effectively. We must focus on what meets the needs of fellow Cameroonians, and not what sustains selfish interests keeping us above others. We need this spirit to forge ahead as a nation with genuine concern for its future. 

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