Ojong Felix: Law Student Becomes Film Actor

In less than six years, Prince Ojay as he is popularly known has succeeded in making his marks on the Cameroonian movie arena.

Ojong Felix, better known by his artistic name Prince Ojay is an Actor, Director and Talent Coach from Manyemen of the South West Region of Cameroon. Born in 1990 he did his primary and secondary education in Mamfe, his hometown. He then moved to National Bilingual College in Douala for high school studies. After succeeding in the Advanced Level Examination in 2010, Ojay moved to the University of Buea where he read Sociology before moving to the University of Yaounde II, Soa in 2012, to pursue legal studies in English Law. It was there he developed a passion for acting and without any formal training as an actor, he immediately dived into the movie world in 2013 with his first movie, ‘’Return of the Beast’’ produced by KHC Yaya, where he played a supporting role. From then, he has gone on to act in movies such as ‘’Hassel’’, produced by Princess Dora Ndem, where he played a lead role, ‘’Lara’s Song’’ produced by Alfred Molo, and ‘’Mon Propre Frere’’ produced by Yves Rodrigue. In addition to movies, he also plays a major role in the hit TV series ‘’All Ventures’’, broadcasted on CRTV since 2017. With a career in acting spanning about six years, Prince Ojay had his directorial debut in the film ‘’Drops’’ where he was assistant director alongside Nkanya Nkwai as the Director. He also organises special master classes, seminars and talent workshops, through which he coaches young actors on how to better use their talents, and connects them with movie producers. All this, he says, is his own way of giving back to his society.                                
 Prince Ojay won the Red Feathers Award in 2018 for best supporting actor in the movie ’’Married Single’’. He was also nominated for Best Actor 2019 by Ecrans Noir in the movie ‘’The Mad Man’’. His experience in the movie industry has not been without challenges. He complains of the lack of exposure for most Cameroonian movies as most channels that broadcast these movies do not have wide coverage. There is also the lack of distributors and a local market for movies as he says. Currently, he is shooting for season three of the series ‘’All ventures’’. Ojay has not abandoned legal studies, as he continues studies in view of obtaining a Master’s Degree in English Law.




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