New Nautical Vessels: Impetus For Greater Performance, Productivity

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute personal representative of the Head of State on October 13, 2020 in Douala chaired the official ceremony to inaugurate and launch the vessels of the Port of Douala.

The multipurpose Buoy vessel baptised “Dika Mpondo Akwa” the buoyage support vessel called ,”Mentchum Falls” and the mowing vessel christened. “Lake Barombi Mbo” have come to place the Port of Douala- Bonaberi   at a higher international performance and competitiveness pedestals. The fleet is also supplemented by two dredgers.

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, the personal representative of the Head of State, President Paul Biya chaired the inauguration and launching ceremony of the new vessels. Before this stage, he had a guided tour of the port's zone where he saw for himself the state of the Port.

The General Manager of the Port Authority of Douala, Cyrus Ngo’o aptly described the importance of the vessels in the cherished brighter future of the port by saying that they will make the port to be gaining in performance, productivity, reactivity and productivity. This because as he explained, “The port now has its own buoy tender and high performance dredgers and other nautical vessels and support equipment to be constantly active.” The new infrastructure will go to further the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Port of Douala as it is adapted to the evolution of vessel capacity and traffic. Besides the acquisition of the vessels, navigation and operating personal were also trained to sustain performance and productivity. As the new vessels go operational, the Port of Douala would use them to attain the competitiveness conditions of fluidity of operations and passage of costs. Should they be put into optimal use, the equipment will translate into concrete reality President Paul Biya’s instructions that the Port of Douala should be the Port of reference in the Gulf of Guinea. The General Manager further said the use of the equipment will improve on the business climate in Cameroon and attract investors to the country.

Adapted Equipment

The nautical vessels have been highly needed by the Port of Douala considering that it is located on an estuary, naturally protected by the swell of the sea and has a calm stretch of water. Indeed, access to the port is through a channel which delimits the waterway with lateral buoys that require permanent maintenance. The new vessels are therefore adapted to the port as the multipurpose Buoy will serve to transport buoys from the service wharf to the predefined geo-satellite positions in the access channel. It also has the capacity to conduct bathymetric surveys.  The buoyage support vessel will be used to transport buoyage systems technicians on the water during maintenance works and the physical and functional checks on buoys. The mowing vessel on its part, is an aquatic weed cutter, to serve in ridding waterways of floating waste and seaweed with the mission to enable the Port of Douala to protect and preserve the marine ecosystem. It is equally indispensable for the maintenance of all acquatic areas. It will also contribute to the fight against river pollution.



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