Lil Love Honours The African Woman

This is the message behind his new single titled “Fall in love” recently released.

One of Cameroon’s rising stars, Lil Love has just released a new single titled “Fall in Love”. Via the music lyrics and video, the artist seeks to honour the African woman. The sensational love song also describes the love, respect and admiration from an African man to an African woman. The song is set in a Cameroonian contemporary society most especially in the South West region.  Fall in love comes to add to “Come closer” and “il ya quoi a mbeng”, both released at the start of Lil Love’s music career.

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Under the canopy of a music label dubbed Great Minds Music, GMM, Lil Love, seems to have taken the entertainment world by storm. After releasing two videos in 2018, which most fans have described as successful, the artist further pledges to work harder, hoping that the Cameroonian public will continue to assimilate his style of music.  Addressing his fans, Lil Love says, “If there was only one thing I will tell my fans, then it will be that they should watch out for me, because I will deliver at all times”.

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Lil love with real names being Samfass Emmanuel Kachelly is a 23-year-old Cameroonian Afro-pop artist who hails from the North West region precisely from the Donga Mantung Division. Just like other artists, he started in mini choirs, performed during ceremonies and got engaged in several local competitions. Being in music for close to two years, fans have appreciated his talent meanwhile professionals have urged him to work harder for a brighter future. He discloses that from the onset, it was not easy to convince his father about his music career. To convince his father and to make a successful music career, Lil Love did not keep school far away. He currently holds an HND in Communication from the University of Siantou. While battling to make a living out of music, Lil Love pledges to use his communication skills to sell his products.

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