Kumba: Gregory Mewanu Is New City Mayor

He defeated incumbent Nkelle Ngoh yesterday by 42 votes to 33 during the repeated elections to the top job of Kumba. The eldest Councillor, Eseme Moses chaired the election.

A September 24, 2020, Supreme Court decision ordered a rerun of the Kumba City Council election on basis of flaws registered during the previous March 3 poll that catapulted Nkelle Ngoh to the seat of City Mayor.

Yesterday election of Gregory Mewanu registered the presence of all 75 grand councillors, the Electoral College from the three Sub-divisional councils of Kumba. Equally voted as First and Second Deputy Mayors were Mrs Ebanja Victorine and Mr. Mcmillan Sako respectively.

A CPDM central committee delegation led by Paul Tasong was on hand to attempt reconciliation between incumbent Nkelle Ngoh and Mewanu but failed the previous day (21 October, 2020). This is why the election proper had to take place yesterday as planned. The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Ntou’ou Ndong later moved to the election premises apparently to supervise the handing over of the Kumba City Council keys to the new winner. The elections took place behind closed doors, but the press however was hanging around the council premises to pick the bits.



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