East Region : CERAC Improves Livelihood For Inhabitants

The ceremony to handover gifts to rural women, youths and health facilities in the Lom and Djerem Division took place yesterday, November 1, 2020 in the Diang locality.

The First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya has again shown her exceptional capacity to regenerate and reproduce efforts of the neediest. After the Adamawa Region, it was time for people in the East Region. Members of her charitable association, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon, (CERAC), donated gifts to rural women, young people and health facilities in Diang, in the Lom and Djerem Division of the Eastern Region, yesterday November 1, 2020. The personal representative of the First Lady of Cameroon, was Solange LE, East Regional Delegate of CERAC. It was also an event in which the population witnessed the restitution of a training course in mushroom cultivation on maize stalks which some women in the region received, thanks to the assistance of CERAC.
The representative of the First Lady said CERAC teamed up with experts to come and share with the hardworking farmers of Lom and Djerem, the knowledge sought and cutting-edge techniques on the cultivation of mushrooms on maize stalks. According to Solange LE, this is a promising economy sector which will not only create jobs for many, but will also increase their output in production and the generation of wealth. She explained that because knowledge and expertise are not enough to change the living conditions of peasant women and their families, CERAC also provided for donations made up of various agricultural materials, intended to strengthen the capacities of women's associations. Well-being, Solange LE added, certainly comes through decent and productive work. But above all she underlined, through good health. As such, CERAC and its Founding President also offered medical equipment to hospitals in the Diang health area. The representative of the First Lady called on the managers of the hospitals to make good use of the gifts for the benefit of the entire community. The Head of the Bertoua Health District, Dr Christine Pouth said the medical donations will help raise the services and technical platform of hospitals in the zone. The health personnel, especially those at the Diang health district, joined other beneficiaries to thank Mama Chantal Biya.
Besides improving the living conditions and the environment of life for the people of the Lom and Djerem Division, CERAC, also took care of the learning needs of the school communities. As such, the charitable association of the First Lady donated products of maintenance, tailoring tools, hygiene and sanitation products, and also didactic material, intended for secondary schools and the Multifunctional Youth Promotion Centre of Diang. In an area where teachers must find strategies to dispense knowledge as best as they can to learners without books and other didactic materials, the donation from CERAC was greatly appreciated by the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Secondary Education, Dieudonne Ntamack.
The rural women of Lom and Djerem, like their sisters in other villages in the country, experience many difficulties in their daily agro-pastoral activities. This is due to the absence of appropriate tools, seeds and sometimes ignorance on efficient cultivation techniques. That is why the Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Antoine Nkouya, said with the agricultural donations, and after the training on the cultivation of mushrooms on maize stalks, such is the start of a solution to agricultural activities in the locality.



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