Buea : Traditional Rulers Cleanse The Land

They invoked the spirit of the gods of their communities for total peace to reign in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Custodians of tradition all over Cameroon have used Saturday October 31, 2020, National Day of Mourning in Cameroon, paying homage to the murdered Form One students of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, Fiango - Kumba, to cleanse the land. The ritual was performed at the Reunification Monument in Buea. As early as 7:30 am, flags in all public places rested at half-mast then throughout the day, the population went about their daily activities in black attires.  
The traditional rulers invoked the various gods of their communities to join forces with Efasa Moto, the Chief god who resides in the Chariot of the gods in Mount Cameroon, to cleanse the land stained with blood. Let by Chief Mafany Njie Martin, President of South West Chiefs’ Conference (SWECC), the traditional rulers poured libation and recited incantations apparently cleansing the land, watched from a distance by the press.
Two statements were issued to the press. The first on behalf of South West Chiefs was read by Chief Tabe Tando Ndiepso who recalled that many warriors attacked tribes during the reign of their ancestors but never was it heard that children were killed. That the killing of school children in Kumba is barbaric. He prayed that their ancestors should receive the soul of the children. “We the traditional rulers and custodians of ancestral values meditatively call upon the gods of our communities in Cameroon to join us here in Buea. We have gathered in tears and sorrow. We pray you the gods should cleanse this land from all the evil and blood shed,” i...



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