Protection of Human Rights : Cameroon Presents Periodic Report

In a visioconference on November 23, 2020, Minister Mbayu presented before the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights efforts made by government.

Measures taken by government in the protection and promotion of human rights in Cameroon have been presented before the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights meeting in its 67th session. The Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu led the Cameroonian delegation which provided responses to inquiries raised by the Commission as Cameroon defended the 4th, 5th and 6th periodic reports relating to the African charter on human and people rights and the 1st report relating to the Maputo Protocol and Kampala Convention. The Minister said human rights protection is a continual process in Cameroon as the country is grappling with internal and external (influx of refugees) challenges to peace. 

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On the question of rights to life, Cameroon’s response stated that death sentences in Cameroon have been replaced by life imprisonments. As of October 31, 2020, a total 120 persons were sentenced to death, amongst which where 36 foreigners. Their sentences have been replaced with life imprisonment. Minors, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers in detention are provided additional basic social amenities by government.  

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As concerns the fight against terrorism, Cameroon’s response stated that the rights of arrested persons are protected as they enjoy the right to a legal counsel, the right to be judged within a stipulated deadline and the right to the presumption of innocence. Cameroon equally has a well-defined legal framework such as the Penal Code which provides different sentences to crimes committed depending on the weapons used and if the loss of life was recorded. 

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With regards to the procedures on human rights protection, Cameroon cited the Human Rights Commission which investigates, publishes and recommends action of improved human rights protection. The Commission receives all persons who denounce human rights abuses and publishes an annual report of the rights situation of the country. 

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