North West : Bambili Mourns “Disappeared” Fon Tamukum II

Bambili villagers in Mezam Division reunite with ancestors at funeral of His Majesty, Tamukum II

November 21-25,2020 were eventful at  the University village of Bambili, Tubah subdivision with citizens reconciling with their ancestors for peace, fertility and prosperity to reign supreme in times like this when the socio-political and security crisis are not helping matters.
The event was the funeral of His Majesty Tamukum II who “disappeared” on 1st March, 2019. The crowd-puller event at the Bambili Royal Palace plaza; featured some 15 traditional rulers of the North West Region with His Majesty, Afungchwii III as the host. It was a rare moment to showcase the traditional weight of Bambili. All the 41 quarters of the village featured traditional masquerades and dance groups. His Majesty Afungchwii III told Cameroon Tribune that the event was initiated to remember and recognize the memory of late Fon Tamukum II whose reign from 2013 to 2019 was a blessing for the academic, religious and political advancement of Bambili and a plus for their customs and traditions. 
The Protocol Officer of the Bambili Royal Cabinet; Peter Ndikum stressed the traditional importance of the funeral which; ensures that mourners continue to benefit the traditional blessings of ancestors. The event took mourners close to their roots and helped matters for continuity in traditional leadership. In effect, the “cry die” which also featured issues of traditional libations helped for the reigning Fon. Afungchwii III to continue the relay baton from Tamukum II and take Bambili forward in hard work, development and prosperity. 
It was indeed; a moment for Bambili sons and daughters to showcase their love and attachment to their traditional roots. Quarter heads, notables, Queen mothers and elite turned full circle to produce what many say was a demonstration of strength in traditional values in the face of security challenges threatening most fondoms of the North West Region. Among the lot in quarters and traditional dances that graced the “cry die” were; Mbangchu of Chokeng, Asongkeng of Mbeyoh, Angoh dance of Ntemnibie and many others from Meshong Mabu, Achi, Momnibie, Mbechu etc. Mourners took home the lesson that His Majesty Tamukum II has disappeared but is still part of the synergy with the people of Bambili for progress.



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