Cameroon-Switzerland : Benefits Of Migration Agreement

The bill on the agreement between Cameroon and Switzerland will soon be forwarded to the Senate for scrutiny and adoption.

The Speaker of the National Assembly is expected to soon forward to the Senate the bill to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the Agreement on Migration issues between the Government of the Republic of Cameroon and the Swiss Federal Council, signed on 26 September 2014. 

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The Minister of External Relations, Mbella Mbella defended the bill in the plenary sitting of the National Assembly on November 20, 2020 in the presence of the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Relations with the Assemblies, Wakata Bolvine.  

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The Minister explained that the agreement aims to define cooperation in migration management between Cameroon and Switzerland.  It therefore grants facilities for nationals of both countries to enter and reside in each other’s territory, and promotes respect for the human rights of irregular migrants. In specific terms, the agreement seeks to ensure the repatriation and reintegration of irregular migrants with due respect for their human rights. The agreement makes provisions for return measures. The measures include payment of the return expenses of registered returnees, grant of relocation financial assistance for individual projects and grant of financial assistance for return on medical grounds.

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When ratified, the agreement will provide Cameroon with a non-punitive but dissuasive legal instrument to check clandestine emigration whilst strengthening bilateral cooperation between Cameroon and Switzerland. It will also open a new avenue of cooperation wherein the youth could undergo training leading to self-employment. For Cameroon youths, it is of socio-economic benefit in terms of the various training programmes offered them in the wood hospitality trades designed to prevent them from making further attempts at irregular migration.

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