Burkina Faso : Francois Campaore To Be Extradited

This follows a decree issued by French authorities after going through the different legal files presented by both parties.

The French government has authorized the extradition to Burkina Faso of François Compaore junior brother of the ousted Burkinabe President, Blaise Campaore following his alleged involvement in the killing of journalist Norbert Zongo and three others twenty-two years ago. 

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The Burkinabe Ministry of Justice published a copy of the ministerial decree, signed by Anne Guédamour, an employee of the Keeper of the Seals, Nicole Belloubet

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Contacted by RFI, François Compaore's lawyer, Maître François Henri Briard, confirmed the authenticity of the document, even though his client has still not been notified of the extradition. The Lawyer added that if done, the ministerial decree would be challenge before the Council of State. Theoretically, the approach does not prevent extradition, but in practice, the French justice does not extradite until all remedies have been exhausted.

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If they fail to get a favorable verdict, François Compaore's lawyers do not rule out taking the matter to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Steps that could take nearly a year. In June 2019, the Court of Cassation rejected François Compaore's appeal against his extradition to Ouagadougou where the Zongo case, closed in 2003 after a “dismissal” in favor of the only accused, was reopened after the fall of his brother, Blaise Compaore. "We waited twenty years, one year does not scare us," explains Robert Zongo, the brother of the murdered journalist. Norbert was tenacious, our family is tenacious, the Burkinabe people too. François Compaore can take all his time, he will come to Faso. He must face justice”, he concluded.

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Recognized investigative journalist and director of the weekly L'Indépendant, Norbert Zongo was assassinated on December 13, 1998, while investigating the murder of François Compaore's driver. His death had caused a deep political crisis in the “land of upright men”.

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The family, especially the Burkinabe people, see that there is advancement. 

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