Fashion Fever: Being “Hype” Is Good Business

It’s time for the latest hairdos, fashion trends and beautification excesses.


The Christmas season has come again; and this year, despite the general outcry of financial hardship, the fashion and fitness industry seems geared to hit huge profit margins at the end of the day. Everywhere one goes, there is a prevailing atmosphere that makes “looking good” the business to get into. This season might be one of the most stressful for some people, particularly women as they prepare for end-of-year festivities. Women are not just focused on family preparation but physical looks.

As such, everywhere one turns, hair saloons have stocked up huge reserves of weave-on, oils, sprays, relaxers, shampoos and hair accessories. In all these shops, the managers hit a concordant note of optimism for a great return on investment. A saloon owner in Yaounde, Mildred P. laments not having more resources to invest into the business, because according to her, women must do their hair, come rain come shine. Popular about hairstyles requested by women this time are braids, those made with Brazilian human hair as well as dreadlocks in all its facets. 

The same level of confidence prevails among beauty/fitness shop owners, who all hold that during this season, women go for aesthetic embellishment. As such, operators in the sector say there is no way that business will not be good. Even better, beauticians say, is the fact that people spend on their kids and are more involved in items such as manicure and pedicure trends, which a few ye...



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