South West: Job Seekers, Receive Orientation

The NEF assembled civil engineers, contractors, and job seekers in Limbe on December 15, 2016 to chat the way forward.


The National Employment Funds (NEF) has taken measures to see that job seekers are oriented and placed in the right job. With almost all job seekers turning to the construction sector for employment as the last resort, many unorthodox practices are gradually becoming the norms. To put records straights, those in the formal and informal sectors were  requested to deposit their updated documents at the National Employment Fund.

All the resource persons that took the rostrum lamented on lack of adequate construction standard, incomplete studies before contracts are awarded, lack of competent technicians, low finances allocated to maintenance of infrastructure among others.

To reverse this path, ideas aimed at drawing up a strategic framework to improve the civil works sector, awareness on the importance of providing quality contracts to minimize maintenance schemes and the higher standards of job execution in order to boost the sector and alleviate poverty were arrived at. South West Regional Director of NEF, José Ndzinga Obama, said with this conference the culture of building and maintaining infrastructures, particularly in public works, in terms of added value, know-how of staff and standards of life in Cameroon will be enhanced.

He invited all job seekers from the former and the informal sector in the South West to frequent his service. “We have experienced counselors whose roles are to guild job seekers. I therefore ask all job seekers to come to our office located in GRA Bota Limbe during working hours,” he said while adding that their services are free.




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