North West : No Problem At Bamenda DDR Centre

Regional Coordinator, Gabsa Sixtus says it's business as usual in the face of allegations of turmoil rocking the Centre.

At press time on February 2nd, 2021, it was business as usual at the Bamenda-based Disarmament, Demobilisation and Re-integration, DDR Centre. On-the-spot, the Regional Coordinator, Gabsa Sixtus told CT that calm and serenity reign in the face of falsehoods that the centre was in jeopardy with ex-combatants on strike. Gabsa Sixtus stressed that it is pure blackmail and misinformation by spoilers. He insisted that the DDR Centre is not a heaven with ex-combatants as Saints, but it is unfair for the public to be deceived that ex-combatants are on strike, meanwhile, they are going about routine assignments in calm.
It emerged from the Coordinator that the security of ex-combatants is assured at the centre and they enjoy three meals daily and good healthcare coverage. The centre is equally equipped to handle post-traumatic disorders and ex-combatants with aggressive mind sets. Gabsa Sixtus announced the imminent re-integration of the second batch of ex-combatants after the first set of 32 who are already gainfully employed in one of the nation's parastatal companies. 
Created in November 2018, the Bamenda DDR Centre has 194 ex-combatants on roll, amongst who are 27women, 21children and 146 boys. The year 2021 started with 20 new combatants joining the centre. The Regional...



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