Ngarbuh Incident : Presidential Couple Assists Survivors

The Head of State’s envoy, North West Governor delivers message of hope, gifts and FCFA 80 million for the reconstructions of destroyed homes, crops etc.

An ecumenical Service, a minute of silence and honours around the government's erected monuments in remembrance of lives lost during the regrettable Ngarbu incident on 14, February, 2020 summed up the event that took North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique to Ngarbu, Ndu Subdivision on February 3, 2021.

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The Governor was the bearer of a message of hope from the Presidential couple with FCFA 80 million to help survivors in the reconstruction of homes, crops and animals that suffered massive destruction during the incident. Beneficiaries included some four main families and others who respectively lost some four, nine, two and seven family members as well as some people whose crops and animals were destroyed or killed.

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It was a rare moment with the Presidential couple featured as a leader with a human face, leader who shows love, care and concern for family members who still suffer the loss of loved ones and property. The message equally inspired the community of Ngarbu and neighbourhoods to continue to give peace and normalcy a chance for the purpose of nation-building. 

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Beneficiaries expressed gratitude with the Presidential couple choosing to mourn with them. Community leaders prayed the Head of State to give children of the Ngarbu land of their ancestors, opportunities to shine on the map of Cameroon. The Governor was in Ngarbu with the Commander of the 5th Joint military Region.

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