Medical Tourism : Turkish Ambassador Launches “Voya Health”

The initiative is out to facilitate means through which individuals in Cameroon can gain advanced healthcare in Turkey.

The outgoing Ambassador of Turkey to Cameroon, Ayse Sarac, has lauded the initiative of some youths in Cameroon as she launched a branch of their group called “Voya Health.” She was speaking in Yaounde on Thursday February 18, 2021 during the official launch of “Voya Health” Cameroon. It is an initiative aimed at getting Cameroonians treated in Turkey at an affordable price. The association connects patients with high quality and affordable medical facilities in Turkey. 
Ambassador Ayse Sarac said the initiative is an opportunity for Cameroonians to have satisfied health services while in Turkey. Health tourism, the Ambassador said, is an important sector in Turkey. She said the medical field in Turkey; in terms of personnel and infrastructures are well known worldwide. She congratulated the youthful association and believed they will be successful especially as Cameroon and Turkey have a good bilateral relationship in several domains with health being one of the most prominent.  
She also revealed that Turkey is popular for health tourism especially as the country has an affordable healthcare system with the highest number of US accredited hospitals. Most doctors, having trained in Europe and America, choose to practice and take up their residency in Turkey. Turkey offers superior quality healthcare at a better price and contrary to popular belief, health and medical tourists pay particular attention to the standards of the international Joint Commission (JCI).
The President General of Voya Health, Abdoul Salam said the agency, managed by youths is found in Cameroon and opened to all Cameroonians. Voya health, he noted, was a plus to what the association also does in facilitating cooperation between Turkish organisations and the Cameroonian people. Voya health is one of the subsidiaries of the Voya group based in, Istanbul, Turkey.  It is focused on medical tourism. Medical tourism is not tourism and health, but tourism for health. It is a trip to another country to improve one’s health situation, perform medical or cosmetic surgery or receive other health and wellness services. 



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