South West: 57 Penitentiary Staff Gain Higher Ranks

The Regional Judiciary authorities joined the Penitentiary corps 22 March, 2021, at the ENAP School premises in Buea to affix new epaulets on the shoulders of promoted recipients.

Following a Ministerial Order (arrete) of last 23 February, 2021, by the Minister of State in charge of Justice, Laurent Esso, some 57 penitentiary staff members working in the South West Region have been promoted to higher ranks. Among the laureates were Hospital Nurses, Agricultural Technicians, Livestock Technicians and Ordinary Warders.

Accomplishing the Ministerial Order, the newly promoted staff converged on the ceremonial ground of the National School for Penitentiary Administration (ENAP) last 22 March, 2021, to receive their new ranking epaulets.  On hand to chair the ceremony was Administrator General of Prisons, Nganjoh Mama Lanya, who is also Director of the Buea-based ENAP. Flanking the chair were the South West Regional Delegate for the Penitentiary Administration, Administrator General of Prisons Tiwa Jonas, South West Attorney General, Mbia Emmanuel, the Mayor of Buea, David Mafany Namange among other local authorities and family members.

The promoted Warders ranked as Senior Warders and Chief Warders actually received their epaulets in the eyes of family members and observers who turned out to witness the splendid event. The positioning of State emblems with Music from the ENAP band, the military march past and merry making by family members sharing congratulatory flowers marked the event in Buea.

Strict rules to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic were observed with all attendees wearing their nose and mouth masks as well as disinfecting their hands on the ceremonial ground.

Meanwhile, the Buea ceremony revealed the multifaceted nature of training within the penitentiary corps to involve technicians from other fields of knowledge. For example, in a recent past, agriculture, livestock, and nursing technicians were recruited and trained as Warders for a well-defined purpose. As explained by the Director of ENAP to this reporter, Nganjoh Mama, the technicians would form and convert prisoners to end their jail-term as fully integrated citizens with professional skills in the mentioned trades. In another dimension, some of the prisons in Cameroon would become de facto production centres for self-sustenance through these new technicalities.



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