Fighting Emerging Diseases: Cameroon Determined To Reduce Dependence

The cabinet meeting of March 31, 20The cabinet meeting of March 31, 2021 focused on strategies of developing applied scientific research in Cameroon as well as mechanisms of strengthening vocational training. applied scientific research in Cameroon as w

The outbreak of the currently ravaging Covid-19 pandemic has spurred the government of Cameroon to pay greater attention to the development of applied scientific research in the country that will bring in new dynamics in the local laboratories making them capable of  producing medication to tackle   the pandemic and other emerging pandemics and epidemics.
This was one of the key presentations the Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Madeleine Tchuinte made during the cabinet meeting of March 31, 2021 chaired by Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute.  The Prime Minister in his opening remarks said the outbreak of Covid-19 has rang a wick up bell on government in relation to the prevention, detection and fight against emerging diseases. It is also an occasion for government to consider the pressing necessity to reduce dependence on foreign countries by developing applied scientific research that will lead to the local production of the required medication.
The Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary talked on the mechanisms of reinforcing vocational training in Cameroon in view of promoting self-employment. Speaking to the press after the in-camera cabinet meeting, Minister Issa Tchiroma said the Prime Minister told them that fighting unemployment was a national course that required the participation of everyone though his Ministry takes the pilot’s position. He disclosed that thousands of young Cameroonians graduate from schools every year but remain jobless because they lack the required vocational skills needed in the job market.  In order to tackle the problem of youth unemployment, Issa Tchiroma  said, the Prime Minister instructed the Secretary General  of the Prime Minister’s Office to summon a meeting of all Ministries that deal with employment and vocational training in order to harmonise and have a holistic vision towards vocational training,  with the perspective of putting in place a unique employment counter.  Prime Minister Dion Ngute, however in his opening statement said government has  taken measures to offer quality vocational training to youths in order to facilitate their integration into the socio-professional world.
Public Health Minister, Manaouda Malachie presented an update of the Covid-19 situation in  Cameroon. He said the situation continues to be monitored by the Head of State, President Paul Biya and Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. Comparatively, the Minister disclosed that  Cameroonians are more and more beginning to grasp the need to respect barrier measures against the pandemic. The results, he said, was that the spread of the virus is slowing down under government control and the number of confirmed positive cases and deaths were decreasing as well as people in distress. As for figures at the time of the cabinet meeting, he revealed that there were 56,156 confirmed positive cases, 50,198 recovered, 838 deaths, 5,120 active cases, and 111 in oxygen.



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