Easter Service Hosanna! Jesus Has Risen!

The world commemorated the resurrection of Jesus Christ through praise and worship in various churches yesterday April 4, 2021.

“He is Lord. He is Lord Amen...he has risen from the dead, he is Lord...hallelujah, every knee must bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.” This popular song was echoed in various worship grounds in the country yesterday, April 4, 2021 as the world commemorated the resurrection of Jesus Christ from dead. As Christians sang Hosanna! Hosanna to the highest, they acknowledged the fact that Jesus Christ paid it all at the cross of Calvary for their salvation. At the Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church in Yaounde, just like at the River of Life Christian Church and elsewhere, Christians listened to different sermons which revealed the importance of Easter Sunday.    

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At the Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church in Yaounde, Rev Dr. Joseph Jikong preached from the biblical book of Matthew 28:1-8. He titled his sermon “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: A foreshadows, our victory over Satan, sin and sickness.” Rev Jikong told Christians that events leading to Easter Day were interesting. Many people, he said, witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Friday, which was considered “Good Friday” despite the torture and gruesome crucifixion of Christ. The preacher said this was an evidence of God’s love for mankind, His forgiveness and the completion of His mission. But, he underlined that dying on that fateful Friday was not the end of the story because Sunday was coming and it was Sunday (Easter Day), when the grave could not hold him captive anymore. As such, the preacher drilled the congregation on three sub topics; Seek Jesus, silence fears, and spread the Word.

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The message is clear Rev Jikong said, “He had conquered death, man’s worst enemy. Jesus was alive; He had risen from the dead, and never to die again. His death, burial and resurrection is a foreshadow of our death, burial and resurrection.” Christians were told to remember Jesus is preparing a place for those who have trust in Him as the Saviour and Lord.  As such, Christians  need to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, daily, hourly, walk with Him, silence any fear from the devil and his cohorts, spread the word that Jesus Christ conquered death and that there is victory because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Terence K. Pendvadga of the Spring of Salvation Ministries told brethren that let Easter Day not just be as per traditions of religiosity. But that let the word of God be of a tangible and transformational impact in the life of someone and that let the truth of His Word free someone from captivity. Pastor Rose Amah of the River of Life Christian Church in Yaounde preached from the book of Matthew 28: 1-7. She urged Christians to believe in the resurrected Christ for He has freed Mankind from all the problems they worry about.

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