Human Dignity At Least!

The trend of events in the country and even the world at large keeps some people; at least those who still have human feelings, wondering where society is heading to.

The advent of the social media, some call it the android generation,  has undressed some hitherto caged inhumane deeds in people, leaving some of them to project their bestiality on the world stage.

It is inconceivable that someone, more so of the medical field who certainly took an oath to abide by confidentiality rules in handling human beings, would videotape a well-known official breathing his last and spread it on social media. What happened in Douala when the highly acclaimed Christian Cardinal Tumi died was simply the height of madness. It is alleged that the perpetrator of the cruel video wanted to authenticate his presence at work to his agitated wife who; may be owing to past experiences, thought he was elsewhere. Is this not insanity? Simply disgusting, to say the least!  

Using the remains of a man like Tumi, still in its dying state, to settle marital mistrust is humiliating to a people and the medical corps the culprit is said to belong. But Saturday’s case was just one in a series of social media misdemeanours that keep ripping society of its values.

Just a few days ago, it was the dilapidated image of erstwhile General Manager of the national broadcaster that went viral on social media.  How someone could afford to take a video of a once vibrant man in that diminished state and dish out for public consumption still remains bothersome. This shows the height moral depravity has attained in society. Too bad indeed!

Where has the respect society had for human beings gone to? What has happened to human dignity? Why is man so cruel to fellow man to a point of celebrating his/her predicaments? Even as social media enthusiasts cannot readily give answers to these and other mindboggling worries brought to the limelight by the shabby twist, they should at least be told that human dignity needs to be upheld. This can only come from man given his/her God-given senses. Why can’t people put themselves in the positions of others before taking decisions on what to do and how? Where has society kept the truism that, “Do unto others what you would want them do to you?” Who would be happy seeing the corpse, dismembered body parts or even an ailing loved one being displayed for public viewing on social media? Obviously none! Why then perpetrate such heinous acts on others; more so to the extent at which society is today?

There is neither scoop in such pictures nor stardom in publishing degrading videos. It at best shows the world how inhumane we have become. Human dignity must be respected at least!




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