Developing Douala: Councillors Adopt FCFA 40 Billion Administrative Account

This was during an ordinary council session in Douala on Wednesday March 31, 2021.

The Douala City Council has adopted over FCFA 40 billion for the administrative account. Grand councillors of the Douala city council adopted the 2020 administrative account of the municipality during the ordinary session that held in Douala on Wednesday March 31, 2021.  From the different committee reports it was a clear indication that the councillors were determined to pursue the development of the Douala municipality and improve on the livelihoods of the city dwellers.

While presenting the administrative account, the Douala City Mayor Roger Mbassa Ndine said the times were challenging with the outbreak of Covid-19. He said despite the challenges, the city council was able to rise above the waters and work for the development of the city. He added that the city council had to revise its budget for the year 2020 downwards to take into account the negative impact of the pandemic.  While adding that the council adopted a budget of FCFA Forty six billion, four hundred ninety six million, four hundred seventy thousand, six hundred fifty three franc (FCFA 46,496,470,653) in net decrease compared to the initial budget of FCFA fifty seven billion, five hundred eighty three million, nine hundred twenty one thousand, forty-one francs (57,583,921,41).

He added that the revenue stood at FCFA forty four billion, one hundred eight million, eight hundred twenty seven thousand, two hundred and eighty eight francs (44.180.827.288 CFA) and the expenditure amounted to FCFA forty three billion, seven hundred six million, six hundred and twenty nine thousand, two hundred and eighty one francs (43,706,629,281).

After taking into consideration the income and expenditure, Roger Mbassa Ndine went on, there was a surplus of FCFA two billion, one hundred and thirty five million, seven hundred eighty six thousand, seven hundred ninety nine (2,135,786,799). Which gives a realization rate of 98 per cent.

It was with great satisfaction that the SDO for Wouri Benjamin Mboutou applauded the city council for a job well done. He said realizing their budget at 98 per cent amidst the global pandemic is a huge success. He urged the city council Mayor and his team to work harder to maintain the trend. He also asked them to work harder to ameliorate the living standard of the people of Douala. The SDO promised his total support for the achievement of their goals towards the development of the city of Douala.



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