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With busy schedules, some women have resorted to setting fitness goals, tracking caloric intake, and gathering workout ideas through fitness applications.

The dream of most women is to get that magic shape that will give them more confidence and good health. With busy schedules, it is often difficult for them to go to the gym or move outdoor. This is the case of Flore M. a working class lady who has resorted to home sports. But she realised that it was difficult for her to get the necessary moves and motivation that will make her get the dream shape. Being a mother of four, her stomach, she says, is nothing to write home about. She has been struggling day-in-day-out with very less results.

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Today, her problem just like that of many others has been solved with what is called a fitness application. Experts define fitness app as an application that can be downloaded and used anywhere to keep fit. They further recommend that to get appropriate results, consistency is crucial and indispensable. Some of such apps include; Women Workout at home, Run keeper, Cuch to 5k, Fitnotes Gym Workout log Home work out, Google fit, BetterMe, Fitness home workout amongst others.

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Sports analyst say, tracking goals, monitoring health issues and staying motivated are the three main reasons people use fitness apps. Technology must have made people lazy but now it is working the other way too with the applications. These applications do not only monitor the health of a person but also motivate them to workout. They can provide diet plans and can have some extra features to chat with experts. Running and workout apps also allow users to run or work out to music in the form of DJ mixes that can be personalised based on the users steps per minute, heart rate or ideal cadence thus boosting and enhancing performance during exercise. Users have testified that the apps which provide the music option are the most used because music makes the workout process easier.

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